The Civil Guard apprehended a container full of false DTT decoders

The Tax Agency, in collaboration with the Civil Guard has apprehended a total of 21,100 counterfeit DTT equipment in the port of Algeciras (Cádiz) inside a container coming from China.

According to the Tax reported on a statement, the operation began Oct. 17 when, thanks to information provided by the firm Sisvel, which owns the exclusive rights of the mark concerned, there was a container from China in the Algeciras port located inside which counterfeit products. According to the Europa Press agency, experts from the Tax Office calculated that the market value of the goods seized more than 630,000 euros.

Thus, following the lodging of a complaint by the affected firm, the facts were made known to the Magistrate's Court number two, be charged the alleged commission of an offense against intellectual property.