EchoStar Europe brings in Latens CA

November 9, 2009

EchoStar Europe has announced the integration of the Latens cardless CA and middleware solutions for its hybrid HDX-600 platform.

The high definition HDX-600 is designed for broadband and IPTV-based platforms and includes a digital video recorder. “In order to support our strategy in Europe, it is imperative that we partner with a number of the industry’s leading conditional access and middleware solutions”, commented Rick Smith, VP sales and marketing, EchoStar Europe. “This is one of our first planned integrations in the IP space and provides a middleware and CA platform for adaptation and deployment by IPTV and hybrid IPTV operators”.

Latens CEO Jeremy Thorp added that the product gave operators a strong choice in IPTV deployment. “This integration provides IPTV and broadband TV operators with a proven and tested integration between the core elements of the pay TV network, assuring operators that the service they deploy will be a success, while reducing the additional cost and pain of integrations”, he said.

Aligning itself with the current move towards hybrid platforms, the HDX platform also has cable, satellite or terrestrial tuners available. EchoStar’s
SlingLoaded placeshifting technology is also available.