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Thread: Network probleme on dm500

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    Network probleme on dm500

    I have probleme with the network of a dm 500, it cant be connected to enternet or to PC. I test some thinks but the probleme remains. But the big probleme is that i cant use DCC to change confiqs, or to upload to the box some thinks. Can i use the serial port to commune with the box and how.I also have a second dm500 can i dm500 to dm500 upload softwore or addons like tux-commader, plugins e.t.c.
    Thanks any way hope no one have this probleme.

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    Re: Network probleme on dm500

    Any help please!

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    Re: Network probleme on dm500


    Not enough info about your système... no help possible.

    Do you know ip router?
    Do you know ip dream?
    Do you know ip PC?

    Are you a newbie on network? because we need to know all the info you can send us.

    Seems you 'ld read again tutorial about your dm...
    If you're reading too quickely then you lost the way.

    If router is then your PC is 192.168.0.XXX & your dream should be 192.1680.YYY

    On IE explorer type on address bar or if a web page appear with the provider/ router name then you found the gateway.

    You don't understand anything then let us know, we'll try other way.


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