Neostrada with TV - a new opening

* Rafal Tomasiak
* last update: 2009-11-09
* source: Inf. wł.

On 7th of October 2009 Polish Telecom (TP) has officially presented its new Neostrada offer, including the satellite platform. Subscribers of Neostrada service with television will be able to watch tv offer via satellite. Operator may also start offering its own HD channels (probably Orange Sport HD) and multiroom. Home sales from 10 October 2009. In IPTV service set-top boxes are delivered by Sagem while in the satellite offer by Samsung.

Neostrada with television is offered in three speed options: 512kb, 1mb and 2mb. When contract is signed for 12 months option 512kb and 1mb will cost 69,90 PLN. 2mb will cost 69,90 PLN for the first 3 months and 84,90 PLN for the next 9 months. When contract is signed for 24 months 512kb and 1mb option will cost 59,90 PLN while 2mb option 59,90 PLN for the first 6 months and 80,90 PLN for the next 18 months.

M package costs 39,90 PLN, L package 59,90 PLN, HBO package 25 PLN, Orange Sport 14 PLN. In addition, customers with fixed-term contracts receive a free access to the package. In contracts for 12 months promotion will last 4 months and in contracts for 24 months promotion will last 10 months. Problems with signing an agreement with given television channel cause differences between IPTV and satellite offer.