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    barry allen

    salut a tous je cherche un tuto comment utiliser barryallen,comment mettre une autre image dans usb,comment faire quoi?merci d'avance pour vos reponses.

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    Re: barry allen


    Voilà unptit tuto mais en anglais
    Tu vois que tu vas apprendre plein de choses ici ...


    1) Prerequisites

    During the installation there has to be CF
    card in the Dreambox (attention: insert or remove
    into Dreambox 7025 cardreader only when Dreambox
    is turned off), or an USB stick which is successfully
    detected (in case of problems try an USB Hub).

    If Barry Allen on USB is used then put
    the CVS Image from OoZooN in Flash, because this image
    has the USB drivers permanently built into the kernel.

    If neither CF card not USB Stick are attached then
    installation takes place on the Harddisk. Because
    the images then also run from there it will run
    permanently and it could be necessary that you disable
    Harddisk Standby in the images to allow running Barry
    Allen stable from Harddisk.

    2) Installation

    First boot from Flash and then copy the file
    to /tmp with ftp (TCP/IP must be working already).

    If you have an image in Flash that offers a Blue
    Pannel Manual Addon Install, then you can use this
    functionality to install the ipk file.

    If not, then install Barry Allen by entering the
    following commands in a Telnet session:

    cd /
    ipkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen*.ipk

    Then restart enigma2 and the Barry Allen Plugin
    shoudl show up under Games / Plugins.

    In the Images installed by Barry Allen you don't have
    to install the Barry Allen Plugin anymore.
    The Barry Allen Plugin integrates himself into then
    automatically during the image extract.

    And you can remove Barry Allen if you are booted
    from Flash:

    ipkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen

    3) Usage

    There is now the enigma2 Plugin of Barry Allen included
    under Games / Plugins of the enigma2 menu,
    which offers the full functionality of Barry Allen.

    For extracting of nfi images in Barry Allen copy the
    image files to /MB_Images (normally a link to
    /media/hdd/MB_Images created during Barry Allen

    If there are Problems with image extraction or other tasks
    with the enigma2 plugin try doing it in telnet:

    cd /media/ba extract nameoftheimage

    On the next reboot this new Image should be available
    in the bootmanager for choosing to boot it and then it
    can be customized and used as usual.

    The Bootmanager now should remember the last booted
    image and hence recordings from Deepstandby should work

    ================================================== ==
    Have Fun using Barry Allen on the Dreambox !!!!

    Bon je sais c'est toujours en anglais mais ça prend du temps de traduire.
    Merci à sami.sami


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