SBS takes Net 5 to high def

November 9, 2009

SBS Broadcasting announced that next week its Net 5 channel will launch a high definition version on the Caiway cable network. In January, SBS will also launch an HD version of Veronica with its flagship channel SBS6 following at a later date.

Speaking at the HD Days 2009 conference in Hilversum, Eric Eljon, production director at SBS, said that Net 5 was the natural choice to launch in HD because most of the source material on the female skewed channel is already available in native HD. Mainly Hollywood movies and series, but also locally produced drama.

Caiway is the first cable operator with which a distribution agreement was reached. So far, SBS has not signed contracts with the two major operators in the country, Ziggo and UPC.

At the conference Ruud Hendriks, CEO of all-talk channel Het Gesprek, said his channel is also ready to launch HD broadcasts in January next year. The broadcaster also needs to reach distribution agreements with the various cablers as well.