ORF2 HD odstartuje 5. ORF2 HD kicks off 5th December 2009

ORF Austrian public today announced the beginning of December this year starts in high definition (HDTV) and its second ORF2.

Television already operates a public nature ORF1 HD - the first program ORF in high-definition TV.

The term official start of ORF2 HD was set to 5 December 2009 at 00.00.
Channel HD will broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
ORF2 from the current program will vary in particular higher technical quality.

Content (programming) will be the same for both versions.
ORF runs from June last year, the program ORF1 HD.
It is distributed via cable networks all over Austria and also on satellite Astra (19.2 E).

"For the ORF as electronic media are part of Austria's image of his audience and access to new technologies," said CEO Dr. Alexander Wrabetz.
Including high definition television image - one of the major innovations of recent years. The broadcast ORF 1 and LHR 2 ORF HD will offer its audience a higher quality in the true sense of the term without additional charges."

With the ORF 2 ORF HD will strengthen its leading role in German-speaking area, which started running ORF 1 HD last year. One of the first public broadcasters ORF offers its audience a regular HD broadcasts via satellite Astra," said Peter Moosmann,
Technical Director of ORF .
As an additional offer to broadcast in SD standard broadcasting since December ORF also two programs in high definition."

ORF2 HD in native HD format, as will Joseph Haydns "Il mondo della luna" in the Viennese theater (5.12.2009, 22:00 pm), opera "La Boheme" (12.12.2009, 20:15 hours) and New Year's Concert 2010 (1.1.2010, 11.15).

ORF began broadcasting in high definition in June last year, the start of Euro 2008 football championship and was the first public broadcaster in Europe, which brought the entire broadcast in HDTV by satellite.

ORF 1 and ORF 2 HD HD are (will be) distributed digitally via satellite and digital cable networks throughout Austria.

In the case of satellite reception decoder card ORF - because of restrictions on broadcasting rights ORF1, ORF2 and ORF1 HD is encrypted.
Satellite signal is encoded by ORF2 in the case of HD.
The access card ORF satellite viewer can accept the Austrian commercial channels Austria 9 Puls 4 and ATV.
Owners access card ORF ORF2 HD program will automatically galvanizing.
Viewers outside Austria are still available ORF2 Europe Standard Definition - the choice of programs ORF2.

ORF1 HD technical parameters ORF1 HD

Satellite: Astra 1L (19.2 E)
GHz Frequency: 11.303 GHz
Polarization: Horizontal
SR: 22000
FEC: 5 / 6

Standard: DVB-S2
Modulation: 8PSK
coding: Betacrypt + Videoguard Nagravision 3 + + + CryptoWorks Irdeto 2

In this multiplex is likely to emerge, and the program ORF2 HD. One channel position in the multiplex released Astra HD promo, which will move to a different transponder (10.832 GHz).

Channel High Definition operates from neighboring countries such as TVP.
Program TVP HD broadcasts only native HD content.
About 3 weeks with a broadcast quality to meet and satellite viewers in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic with the free dissemination programs temporarily TVP.

Controversial FTA TVP project was stopped and all programs in the spot beam satellite Astra 1KR will be re-coded conditional access system, *** Videoguard.
In Germany, ARD and ZDF broadcast in HD yet only occasionally. From February next year on a regular basis and free from 19.2 E.

Czech Television (CT) has launched a public technical tests in HD 31.8.2009, when it started to spread through the satellite program CT1 HD.

Content is composed largely of the converted content from SD.
In the native HD broadcast format, especially as many critics criticized the session as Tell and duets.
Much richer in terms of the offer native content offers commercial TV Nova programs Nova and Nova HD Sport HD.