Thor: The Return of Fishing and Hunting and start Muzsika TV

The satellite Thor 3 (0.8 ° W) today unexpectedly resumed broadcasting program Fishing and Hunting in Hungarian, English and Czech. Posting is currently Free to Air (FTA). Signal is subsequently coded system Conax.

Fishing and Hunting is a thematic channel dedicated to the company IKO Cable fishermen and hunters.
The position of 0.8 ° W / 1 ° W was recently distributed in the packet Digi TV as a distribution route for the cable and satellite operators.

Following the recent completion of the spread and replacement of its own product (PV TV), the Fishing and Hunting aired on transponder Focus Sat in the same position.

Posting F & H was disconnected here.
Now, the program returned to a popular satellite position in Central and Eastern Europe.
Like in the case DoQ.

Thor: Návrat Fishing and Hunting a start Muzsika TV Image for article: Thor: The Return of Fishing and Hunting and start Muzsika TV

In the same multiplex this afternoon was a new Hungarian music TV Muzsika TV.
The channel broadcasts free-to-air broadcasts, and domestic (Hungarian) and foreign music videos in recent years.
In the evening, the program appears as entertainment shows (talk shows, sitcoms).

Technical parameters of Fishing and Hunting and Muzsika TV:

Thor 3 (0.8 ° W), freq 11.747 GHz, pol H SR 28000, FEC 5 / 6, DVB-S