Massacre, and no digital TV in Poland

* Janusz Sulisz
* Last update: 2009-11-09 18:01:22
* Source: Republic

According to the Advocate UKE Peter Dziubak, the office is able to extend the testing of digital terrestrial television by the end of 2009, but it all depends on the broadcasters, who must first express a desire. Commercial broadcasters argue that the service operates commercially, because they have licensing and frequency reservations issued by the regulators, and since October Emitelowi pay for providing the signal.

With just as quickly as possible to sign a contract to provide this service. UKE view, there can be no more than a test, I still could not formally identify the technical operator.

In September this year. Polsat, TVN, TV4 and TV Puls Emitel authorized the company to ask for permission to UKE on terrestrial radio emissions in the form of commercial digital in the first four cities. If the matter is not resolved to commercial broadcasters with a request to postpone the second phase launch of digital broadcasting, which was established to 30 March 2010 in more than 20 more cities. Polish Television presents a problem which has not yet presented its position in a lawful manner - should carry out a tender for the operator's first DVB-T multiplex. In October, TVP has announced that it would consider the choice of the so-called Emitel. awards, which shorten the procedure, however, has its representatives not appeared at the next meeting on this matter.

End of the emission testing of digital terrestrial television was set for 6 November. - This excludes the transfer of the DVB-T in Krakow, because Emitel UKE has not received from another radio license for such tests.