Spain to allow 29 minutes of 'ads' per hour
Chris Forrester

Spain's new future Audiovisual General Law will allow 29 minutes of various forms of advertisements per hour - nearly double the amount allowed at the moment.

To the current 12 minutes of ads per hour will be added another 12 minutes of telepromotions and five more of self-promotion per hour, leaving a possible paltry 31 minutes of pure programming in an hour. Nearly half of the duration of a program could be eaten away by advertisements of these three types.

That's why twelve associations of viewers, advertisers and media agencies have formed a platform under the slogan "With a maximum of 12 minutes of advertising we'll all win". They argue that the Law, which is now being discussed in Parliament, will damage the citizens, the companies and the entire economy. At the same time they allege the Law does not abide by the spirit of the European Directive on Advertising and it hasn't followed Spain's Conseil of State.

Up until now the TV channels have been allowed to broadcast 12 minutes of commercial messages per hour plus another five minutes of self-promotion on the contents they offer on their screens. The new Law considers these advertisements don't have a commercial value and so can't be considered within the 12 advertising minutes per hour of conventional advertisements.