Paradise Datacom has released their complete line of indoor rack-mount block converters (RBC).

Packaged in a standard 19-inch EIA rack mount chassis, the converter is configurable to accommodate C-, X- and Ku-band RF modules. The chassis design allows RF modules to be removed and replaced from the rear panel without the need to interrupt chassis power.

As one common chassis supports all frequency bands, it can be fitted with any combination of RF modules, which includes mixing up-converters and down-converters. The on-board software will sense and determine the frequency and type of module automatically. Additionally, internal redundancy logic allows each chassis to be operated in single, dual or 1:1 redundant modes. The Up-converter translates an L-band input signal anywhere within the range of 950-2050 MHz to a C, X or Ku-band output frequency regarding which module is installed. Conversely, the Down-converter translates a C-, X- or Ku-band input signal to an output frequency in the range of 950 to 2050 MHz.
The converter architecture is based upon Paradise Datacomís highly successful zBUC L-band RF converter module used throughout the Companyís line of Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA). The high-stability on-board oscillator is referenced to an internal 10 MHz source or will accept external 5 and 10 MHz sources. Remote control and monitoring is available via the rear panel parallel I/O, serial I/O or Ethernet M&C ports.