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Thread: Sat equipment and internet

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    Sat equipment and internet

    I herd that it is possible to receive internet via satelite receiver, the receiver must be linked to a modem, send is done by modem and receive via satelite
    Does anyone have more infos about this ?
    Thanks in advance for help

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    Re: Sat equipment and internet

    I found this for you to have an idea

    What is Satellite Internet service?

    Satellite Internet service is broadband Internet access using stationary satellites, satellite dishes and a receiver or receiver/transmitter. This type of broadband Internet access is of particular interest to people living in remote locations where cheaper options such as ADSL and cable are unavailable.

    What is two-way Satellite Internet service?

    Two-way Satellite Internet service transfers data in both directions. The satellite dish is relatively large and the receiver must receive and transmit data. This type of satellite Internet service is relatively expensive but is available to people in rural areas and in areas where other broadband options are unavailable.

    What is one-way Satellite Internet service?

    One-way Satellite Internet service uses a standard modem and a dial-up connection to upload content. The satellite dish is used only to receive data. This method is a cheaper option and is comparable in price to cable or ADSL.

    How fast are satellite Internet services?

    Speeds for two-way satellite service can be 600K and higher for download and 128K for the upload. Cable and DSL broadband technologies therefore have higher download speeds, but satellite systems are about 10 times faster than a normal modem.

    What are the disadvantages of satellite Internet service?

    The biggest disadvantage to satellite Internet service is the relatively high price and the reliability. Equipment, including a two-foot by three-foot dish can cost around $600. Down-time can be expected when there is poor weather. Many satellite providers offer a dial-up backup service when the system is unavailable.

    What are the advantages of satellite Internet service?

    The biggest up-side to this technology is that it is available just about everywhere.

    What are asynchronous and synchronous satellite systems?

    Asynchronous service means that there are different speeds for upstream and downstream traffic. Synchronous satellite services on the other hand, have the same speed for upstream as for downstream. Synchronous systems are better suited to services that are heavily impacted by delays, like video and audio streaming

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    Re: Sat equipment and internet

    thankfor the information wembley

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