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Thread: Digital + opentel

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    Digital + opentel

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    digital +

    cabo ko

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    Re: Digital + opentel

    Non poso scaricare in opentel questo archivo perche non conochiatono dal loader.Nel programma del leader non poso guardare il fille rar. ,ma solo bin, pgm. Che poso fare prego ? Aiutami per favore..Grazie

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    tout ok merci

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    Re: Digital + opentel

    Can I Use That File For Opentel ods3000c?

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    Re: Digital + opentel

    hello gen2006
    I do not know this referencia of opentel, Has the certainty that the archive is ods 3000

    hello olindo
    is compact.... copies for your computer and opens that there inside you find * pgm *


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    Re: Digital + opentel

    can u tell me how to enter to key section

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    Re: Digital + opentel

    Menu-installation-code- 0937. Sees In The End

    More Information Asks For

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    Re: Digital + opentel

    the software works fine, but my screen is always black. i have changed the keys too the newest from 01/24/06, but it changed nothing. do you have the problem too?

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    Re: Digital + opentel

    i have opentel ods3000 c with conax CAS embedded. s/w 1.07, this soft. doesn't have emu. i need a soft with emu. i have searched but nothing. i have tried to upgrade the soft. with ods loader, nothing happend.

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    Re: Digital + opentel Firmware D+ and TV cabo al working, it is in the Polish but it is possible to move for English update program to put firmware

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