Sky Player to get AdSmart from 2010

Tuesday, November 10 2009, 13:04 GMT

By Andrew Laughlin,

Sky has confirmed that its Sky Player service will start supporting targeted advertising from January next year.

Titled Sky AdSmart, the new system will launch dedicated pre and mid-roll adverts around on-demand content based on each subscriber's postcode, TV package and other information, reports New Media Age.

In an email sent yesterday to all Sky subscribers, the company said: "In future, the advertising you see on Sky Player may be better tailored to your interests.

"The new system, which is called Sky AdSmart, uses customer information to replace some general adverts with ones which we believe to be more relevant to viewers' potential preferences and interests."

As an example of how the service will work, Sky said that its Sky+ HD customers would be shown ads for high definition content which they may want to watch.

AdSmart will only be applied to Sky's on-demand material, and all subscribers can opt out of the targeted ad system if they so wish.