Mediapro has begun testing 3D TV

Mediapro also deliberately 3D production as one of his future plans now investigating their application in different types of productions.
R & D group has recently conducted several tests on football matches, ranging from stereo recording in the field to the projection of these contents in a cinema.

For this season, Mediapro Research has planned a series of tests involving all elements of production, completion and transmission of live events. The stereoscopic 3D content to the viewer closer to the action and let live a more immersive and intense feeling.

With the mass adoption of digital cinema, Hollywood has once again content to bet heavily on film in this format, and recent technological advances are allowing also produce live events (concerts, sports ...) in HD and in stereoscopic 3D format.

In Europe, the 3D TV is something that many people interested and, convinced that it can be installed parallel to the HDTV.

This applies, for example, the British platform BSkyB has already announced that market a 3D channel in your package for next year.