Indian Summer E2 Flash Image AAF UFS 922

Team Ducktales:

Twisted + 8.2
+ Various fixed volume
+ Tuner Driver advanced
+ To busybox stty, traceroute, netstat, and expanded
+ Fixed XML
+ Time synchronization with transponders will be forced
+ Tuner and CI separate kernel modules
+ Libeplayer2 http streaming mp4


+ AAF Panel 4.8
+ WebIF adjusted with Mobile Support
Aktualiesiert + Channel list
+ Media Center 09225
Mod + Network Browser 0.8
+ Addon Manager 1.95
+ HDD initialization fixed
+ Boat Video
+ Red LED off
+ MyTube plugin
+ SetPassword plugin

Thanks to Team Ducktales for the great base image and all have been tested and will allow that image.

Install Instructions UFS922 flash:

Condition at present, is an original Partioned plate.

The following is disclosed:

1. Securing the original
orig boot:
telnet ufs922-ip

dd if = / dev/mtdblock8 of = / mnt/hdd0/media/orig_recovery.img

it takes about 1 minute, then copy this file via ftp to pc.

2. Image Flashing

attached file to a fat32 formatted stick unpack.
Change in the file \ kathrein \ ufs922 \ IP's
Here we go,:
1. ufs922 off the back
2. stick connect front
3. Record keeping key (behind the flap left button)
4. switch box back button still holding down
5. when what appears on the LCD, press the pause button and let go of key short.
6. course can be seen in the LCD display
7. takes about 10 minutes
8. When you reboot make sure plug the stick.
9. If box is running remove Stick

back to the original:
File \ kathrein \ ufs922 \ rename on the stick
file \ kathrein \ ufs922 \ update script to rename Should not be in flash 1.04b unpack attached file and copy it to the stick into the directory \ kathrein \ ufs922 \.
Now, the face image to the tick to \ kathrein \ ufs922 \ copy.
Now 2nd Image flashing run.

The first launch quite a long time.

Indian Summer E2 Flash Image AAF UFS 922