Italy: The end of analogue in Lazio


Between 16 and 30 November 2009 the Italian region of Lazio (Latium) reached a milestone in the process of digitization of Italian television, which will be completed by 2012.

November 16 comes to off analogue transmitters in the province of Rome, 17-18 November in the town and municipality Pontinia Latina, 19-21 November in the province of Frosinone, 23-24 November, in the province of Rieti, Italy, 25-30 November in the province of Latina and Islands Poncjańskich.

Penetration of digital terrestrial television in Lazio is 80 percent., Which when added to the digital satellite and IPTV gives a total of more than 90 percent. As regards information on the transition, more than 95 percent.
respondents aware of the off analog transmitters, and more than 70 percent. pamięta dokładne daty. remember exact dates.