Ten, Foxtel link for Games advertising


Two Australian rivals will present a united front to advertisers for coverage of the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. Free-to-air channel Network Ten and pay-TV platform Foxtel, which together acquired broadcast rights to the games, will market combined sponsorship packages for the event.

The broadcasters are hoping for 10 principal sponsors for their coverage, who will have a choice of platforms across which to advertise, and which events to be linked to.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ten and Foxtel will extend their joint broadcast and production plans by offering advertisers integrated sponsorship opportunities across free-to-air, subscription TV, online and mobile platforms.

Advertisers can invest in 'pre-Games' and 'in-Games' sponsorship packages across the four platforms through a single point of contact, expanding clients' access to the full spectrum of advertising platforms across free-to-air and subscription television.

As part of the agreement, the partners will develop and produce tailored creative and promotional activity which will be broadcast across Ten and its 24-hour digital sports channel One, and Foxtelís six dedicated standard-definition and six dedicated high-definition pay-TV channels, as well as online and over mobile platforms.

The deal is a first in the Australian TV landscape. Although Foxtel has a history of linking with terrestrial networks for sports rights deals (the 2012 Olympic Games was scooped by a joint venture of Foxtel and Nine Network), the platform has never previously sold airtime or sponsorship jointly.

Grant Blackley, Tenís CEO, said: "With Network Ten and FOXTEL already sharing broadcast feeds and production facilities, it seems logical to offer clients cross-platform sponsorship opportunities. Through integrated sponsorships, we are able to support consistent campaigns across TEN, ONE and FOXTEL, while extending opportunities for clients to reach the broadest possible Commonwealth Games audience."

Foxtelís chief executive officer, Kim Williams said: ďWith this extension of our cooperation with Network Ten into the advertising area, Australian marketers will also share the benefits. We will offer clients the opportunity to run integrated sponsorship campaigns across four advertising platforms and also provide for the first time an opportunity for advertisers to run interactive advertising campaigns on both Network Ten and Foxtel."

Tenís coverage includes Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as a daily schedule of events simulcast on Ten and One. Foxtelís coverage will include 24-houir telecasts on 12 channels, including six in high definition, as well as interactive services. Foxtel will also stream its coverage exclusively onto online and mobile platforms.