Canadian telco Sogetel prepares for IPTV launch

Canadian telco Sogetel, based in Quebec, has started preparing to launch IPTV services (both linear and on-demand) to its customers, using Espial's Evo TV Service Platform and Espial MediaBase.

In its initial launch to 1,000 customers, Sogetel will provide standard- and high-definition TV services including video-on-demand and time-shift TV. The company currently operates 32,000 access lines in five different rural areas of Quebec. In the last four years, it has grown its fixed-line network by acquiring five independent telephone companies.

"We are very confident that Espial's proven products and professional services are the ideal combination for us to deliver our new entertainment services," said Jean-Philippe Tellier, IPTV Director at Sogetel. "Espial's Video on Demand system provides intuitive operations to simplify delivery of movies and TV-on-demand programming. Espial's IPTV middleware is an open and powerful platform for managing and delivering TV services."

A specific launch date for the new service has not yet been given by Sogetel.