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Thread: QBoxHD Image by Luca1997 10/11

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    QBoxHD Image by Luca1997 10/11

    Image by Luca1997 10/11

    Working with bootloader from 25/09/2009

    NEW Fire Distribution Filesystem for QBOX HD 10/11/2009
    -HDD are now mounted at boot time if they're connected


    - Fixed bug: Passwd for login is again "qboxhd" (reported in the forum)
    - Fixed bug: Teletext was not working (reported in the forum)
    - Fixed bug: CI was not correctly initialized after a soft-reset
    (reported in the forum)
    - Improvement: Add-ons mechanism works much better and it's better organized

    Bootvideo by DVB Busters


    Skin dTV-HD for QboxHD mod. by Webkurier
    HD Glass for QboxHD mod. by Webkurier
    Infinity HD for QboxHD mod. by Webkurier
    Allien-HD for QboxHD mod. by Webkurier QboxHD Skin
    dmmHD mod by Webkurier
    Skin essential72 for QboxHD mod. by Webkurier

    Full package picons / piconlcd

    Weather Plugin for QboxHD by Webkurier
    My Tube for QboxHD by Webkurier
    RaDar Cfg Version: 2.1 BETA1
    New Radar cam vers 2.1 BETA2


    Astra 19,2 /Astra 23,5 and Hotbird 13

    qboxhd_update.rar 92.5Mo

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    Re: QBoxHD Image by Luca1997 10/11

    As described by Duolabs, the FD Filesystem is BETA.

    When an Image/FD.Filesystem is not fully functional, one can expect cross reference failures in Third Party software. Simply said, where "Bugs" exist in Official Software, one cannot expect Third Party Software to work normally.

    Why is Official download FD Filesystem "marked redballons"
    You could say "its Beta on BETA"

    Why is certain software designed for, but not working in my box?
    One reason is, because of "Bugs" in base Official Filesystem used by Image makers.

    Why is my box crashing when I use R/C to Restart?
    Bug, this has never worked properly in any previous Filesystem.

    Why can't I use the full facilities of the Qbox, ie; Web interface?
    Again down to BETA Software, not fully implemented yet, due to "bugs"

    Why can I not load the FD Filesystem without crashing?
    Check & clean or renew your Usb stick and Format in Fat32 (wait upto 10 minutes to load) make sure you have Bootloader of 25_09_2009 installed.

    Do I have to format the"Slim Internal usb Stick"?
    No, The Slim USB stick is formatted each time a new version is installed.

    Why can't I use Wifi (not recognised)?
    Will be supported in next release.

    There are also bugs in Audio, Dolby Digital etc, to be fixed.

    In my view, Duolabs are getting close to Single Image installation, similar to QboxOne, which is Excellent and virtually bug free, its just a shame, there are so many bugs at the moment in Qbox HD, hopefully, Duolabs will get them sorted out, we will just have to be a little more patient.

    Your comments welcome, ie; helpful suggestions, other "Bugs" and or, ways around you may have found.

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