IFTA introduces new anti-piracy measures

As part of its campaign aimed at addressing Internet piracy, The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) has introduced its members to a number of enhanced security features through its new iWatch trial programme.

IFTA has partnered with Australian Internet security firm IP-Echelon to offer all its members complimentary anti-piracy services. The iWatch trial programme provides IFTA members with services such as monitoring and reporting piracy activities on the Internet, removal of pirated material through take-down notices and online distribution of encrypted movie screeners through a secure website, rather than DVD screeners.

"Internet piracy has been devastating for our members and for the independent distributors around the world on which we depend," said IFTA's president and CEO, Jean Prewitt. "Technical solutions like these, which take into account the unique interests of independents, allow our members to take direct action to mitigate the growing economic damage of worldwide Internet piracy."