Amos changed the name to Intelsat 24

Telecommunications satellite Amos 1, handed down in 1996, now operates under a new name - Intelsat 24th

Satellite, which originally belonged to the company Spacecom (Israel) now has a new owner. Amos 1 was the first Israeli satellite designed for the transmission of TV broadcasts.

Amos 1 previously worked as 4 W, which ensures services for Central and Eastern Europe, and transmitted programs such as HBO, HBO2, HBO Comedy, Spectrum and others.

The position of 4 W now serves two satellites of the new generation - 2 Amos and Amos 3.

This year, Amos 1 was sold to the U.S. satellite operator, which incorporate satellite in its fleet.

Intelsat 24 will provide telecommunications services in East Asia.
According to Israeli portals Amos 1 fuel for several more years of operation.

It is not yet known position in which Intelsat 24 will work.

Currently, Amos 1 moves to position around 44 E and then moves to the east.