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    this files they are not tested by me i have not this card
    if you kill your card
    don't have a gou at me M8!! so be careful be careful be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the usual blake

    simis working on this channel

    Nextgen NDS (SkyIt)

    Working channels:

    Fox Crime
    Planet Italia
    Jimmy Italia
    Hit Parade
    Special Event
    Soft Rock
    Classic Rock
    Alternative Rock
    Hard Rock
    Hip Hop - R&B
    Old Gold
    Soul Classics
    Love Songs
    Easy Listening
    I Classici
    Modern Jazz
    Ritmo Latino
    Film & Shows
    New Country
    Frequenza Italia
    French Hits
    Rock TV
    Discovery Science
    Eurosport Italia
    Eurosport News Italia
    Discovery Civilisation
    Discovery Travel & Living Europe
    Video Italia
    Fox News Channel
    Eurosport 2 Italia
    Marco Polo
    MT Channel
    Italia Teen TV
    Happy Channel (Italy)
    Duel TV
    MTV Italia
    Deejay TV
    MTV Hits Italia
    MTV Brand New
    Sailing Channel Italia
    Class CNBC
    Sky Sport 1
    Sky Sport 2
    Sky Diretta Gol
    Sky Italia promo
    Disney Channel Italia
    The History Channel Italia +1
    National Geographic Channel Italia +1
    Sky News International
    Cartoon Network Italy
    Jetix Italia
    Fox Life Italia
    CNBC Europe
    Cult Network Italia
    Fox Crime
    Animal Planet Italia
    AXN Italia
    Discovery Real Time Italia
    CNN International Europe
    La 7
    Paramount Comedy Italia (20-02)
    Nickelodeon Italia
    Sky Cinema 1
    Sky Cinema Autore
    Sky Cinema 3
    Sky Sport 1 in Bars
    Sky Calcio 1
    Discovery Channel Italia
    Sky Cinema Max
    Inter Channel
    Milan Channel
    Sky Sport 3
    ESPN Classic Sport Italia
    Sky Vivo
    Match Music TV
    BBC Prime Europe
    Disney Channel Italia +1
    Toon Disney Italia
    Bloomberg TV Italia
    Playhouse Disney Italia
    Sky Prima Fila 24
    Sky Prima Fila 25
    Sky Prima Fila 26
    Sky Prima Fila 27
    Sky Prima Fila 28
    Sky Prima Fila 29
    Sky Prima Fila 30
    Sky Sport Extra
    RAISat Extra
    RAISat Premium
    RAISat Cinema World
    RAISat Ragazzi
    RAISat Gambero Rosso
    Sky Cinema 2
    Sky Cinema Classics
    Sky Cinema 16:9
    SNAI Sat
    Sky Focus
    National Geographic Channel Italia
    The History Channel Italia
    Boomerang Italia
    Hallmark Channel Italy
    Fox Italia
    Jetix Italia +1
    Cartoon Network Italy +1
    Studio Universal
    Roma Channel

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    Re: Nextgen_SkyIt_

    Files have date 2005

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    Re: Nextgen_SkyIt_

    These files are fake, OPOS MTC files just renamed.
    Real files comming soon :D

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    Re: Nextgen_SkyIt_

    Quote Originally Posted by shiver_st
    These files are fake, OPOS MTC files just renamed.
    Real files comming soon :D
    Hi you know that real file will come soon?so sk*y italy is really hack??with dragon cam will be possible see it??bye friend

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    Re: Nextgen_SkyIt_

    here is the nextgen_skyit_cryptapp open with notepad
    first line only

    and seca 2 cryptapp for opus c*rd
    by compass this is how we know its fake how u know its hacked how u
    know it will cum soon

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    Re: Nextgen_SkyIt_

    kotku74 know were u get all this info of the so called hack satscreens
    ha u beleve all that shit ur mad

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    Re: Nextgen_SkyIt_

    This is the same marketing as was done with the Cerebro card.
    Fake files create publicity and interest.

    Guess it's the way of the game now a days.

    When the real files are comming?? I don't know that anymore than you do.
    Only the hackers know that.

    I must say it's impressive to see provider after provider getting hacked.

    There is no such thing as Free Tv nowadays. Wanna Watch?? - Buy the card..
    Guess they'll have to make a living :)

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    Re: Nextgen_SkyIt_

    it sims is official will be key for titanium3 tomorrow

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