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Thread: Tevion FTA 203

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    Tevion FTA 203

    Hall, I need a flash vor my receiver Tevion FTA203 it s like Skymaster DXL 9400. please urgent

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    Re: Tevion FTA 203

    Tevion fta203 is a clone of srt6125.(satellite heaven page)
    To be sure, look at the upload software include in sat receiver.
    1/ Unplug the receiver
    2/ push button down channel on the receiver 's box and hold it
    3/ plug the receiver
    4/ you must see at end screen "eLoader DCU Ver 4.6.3"

    For strong srt61xx, look at or rdisat

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    Unhappy Re: Tevion FTA 203

    no I sorry it have only eLoader DCU 3.4
    I need your help

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    Re: Tevion FTA 203

    The firmware and official upload are the same that srt6125. You have a old bootloader "Eloader dcu". The last update is in 2003.
    I think you can take risk.
    After flash the bootloader with the hack-bootloader, you can't go back to initial firmware. You need jtag to go back.It's expensive. FTA203=jtag price.
    You need bootreplacer,application loader, patchloader,key.bin.
    good luck

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    Thanks now all is ok Tevion is like Strong

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    What about "tevion fta 2004" is ok with strong 6125 ?????????

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