Channel 4 goes 3D-TV
Chris Forrester

This coming week the UK’s Channel 4 goes 3D. Its programming line up promises to be fascinating, if a little old fashioned.

Full credit to Channel 4 itself for recognising that it’s all “good old fashioned fun”, which is worth remembering because the technology being used is hardly state-of-the-art. Channel 4’s transmissions, some old, some new, all use the ColorCode 3D system, which uses blue-amber filters, and claims to be an improvement over the really ancient red/green anaglyphic lenses.

Some of the programming, however, will be ancient in that it comprises ‘The Queen in 3D’(Nov 16), a compilation which the cinematographers called ‘Royal Review’ and has 3D clips going back to 1953 and up to the present. This is followed by illusionist Derren Brown showcasing some 3D magic. Older movies are also featured, not least the classic Friday the 13th Pt 3 in 3D. A Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana concert from her 2007 tour is shown, as well as The Greatest-ever 3D moments compilation.