Bebo: from Hero to Zero?
Chris Forrester

Bebo, at least with its UK operation, is seemingly looking to save cash. The company is losing up to 100 UK staff. Just over a year ago in March 2008 AOL paid a thumping $850m for Bebo, and the service was riding high.

At the time Bebo was cited as being valued on a par with Facebook and MySpace, and it was claimed that Bebo had a solid following in the USA, Britain and New Zealand, and that ‘user engagement’ was superior with Bebo compared with Facebook or MySpace. It now has sites in Poland and is said to be boosting its presence in Germany, France, Holland, Spain and Italy.

Amongst the staff going is Bebo’s head of original production, responsible for commissioning web-hits like the important KateModern series of shorts.