US viewing online doubles

The number of US broadband households watching premium online content - including movies and TV shows - has doubled in the past 12 months, according to a new report from Parks Associates.

Currently over 25mn US broadband households regularly watch full-length TV shows online, while over 20mn watch movies online. The research firm reports that the growing popularity of online portals such as Hulu indicates rapid growth in the number of viewers who use the Internet to watch long-tail and premium content.
The report goes on to say that service providers will have to embrace online video services, including the ability to deliver content across multiple platforms, if they are to remain competitive and attract new subscribers.

“Consumer interest in time-shifting content through online portals has increased significantly,” said Jayant Dasari, Research Analyst at Parks Associates. “Close to 40% of broadband households today watch full-length television shows over the Internet. Enabling access to content anytime through any broadband-enabled device will be a significant challenge for the service providers. However, broadband video opens new revenue channels and opportunities to upgrade subscribers into higher tiers of services.”