Refreshed BBC iPlayer to launch on Wii

Friday, November 13 2009, 12:52 GMT

By Andrew Laughlin,

The BBC has confirmed that it will launch a refreshed version of BBC iPlayer on Nintendo's Wii console next week.

On November 18, all owners of broadband-connected Wii consoles will be able to download the dedicated iPlayer channel from the Wii shopping service.

The catch-up platform has been available on the Wii since April last year, but many gamers have experienced problems using the "clumsy" application.

BBC teams in Manchester and London have therefore created a bespoke version of iPlayer for use by the Wii's 6m UK install base.

Speaking at the C21 Future Media conference last night in London, BBC director of future, media and technology Erik Huggers said that the evolved version of iPlayer on Wii will deliver a "faster, high quality and improved viewing experience".

Back in September, the BBC also launched an updated version of iPlayer on the PlayStation Network, with an improved user interface and better video quality. Around 6% of total iPlayer usage is via the PS3 console.

The corporation will further commence a beta of the on-demand platform on Freesat in November as part of efforts to "push forward on multi-platform for iPlayer".