Poverkhnost goes HD OB

Friday, 13 November 2009

Sony Professional Solutions has acted as systems integrator on a new 16-camera expandable HDTV OB truck for the Ukrainian company Poverkhnost.

Poverkhnost's new HDTV OB truck has been designed to fully meet the challenge of sports broadcasting, with a particular brief to be tailored for football coverage of the UEFA Champions League and European League, for which Poverkhnost holds the rights in Ukraine. The truck is one of the most advanced in Europe, while its 16-camera headline figure is actually expandable with 30 camera channels supported in the vehicle.

When not filming the Ukrainian UEFA matches, the unit will be available for lease in the burgeoning wider European HD market.

"We believe that our high calibre technology, as well as our top-flight production specialists can add considerable value in the European market," said Ruslan Zagoruiko, deputy chairman of Poverkhnost. "When leasing our van, lower Ukrainian production costs will of course be passed on directly to the customer, which should make it a very cost-effective choice."