11 new transponders tests for THOR 6

* 2009-11-13 15:13:18 / Anita Dabek
* Last update: 2009-11-13 17:23:11

THOR 6 satellite telecommunications Scandinavian satellite operator Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc) passes through the next stage of technical tests. Their goal is to check the technical state of all the transponders that will be used for commercial activities.

A further 11 were tested with all 36 transponders. THOR 6 is tested for a temporary position of 1.8 W. After completion of testing and evaluation, the satellite will be moved to the position of the target 0.8 W.

Transponder technical parameters tested:

11.766 GHz, pol. V
11.804 GHz, pol. V
11.843 GHz, pol. V
11.957 GHz, pol. V
12.034 GHz, pol. V
12.207 GHz, pol. H
12.284 GHz, pol. H
12.360 GHz, pol. H
12.399 GHz, pol. H
12.437 GHz, pol. H
12.476 GHz, pol. H

One of the customers who will use capacity on THOR 6 is a platform UPC Direct and Ukrainian MyTV and Digital Fly Ukraine. Capacity at the new satellite is also a platform Canal Digital.