I am new in digital tv world and have some naive questions.Welcome

I have a suscription to cable digital TV by my Swiss Provider Cablecom.
Of course, it does function only at home. I plan to catch sat as well, and the access will be also delivered by national operators. Now, if I want to travel a few thousand kilometers away, for example with a camping car, or with a boat and want to catch a satellite, I guess I could be in trouble catching the TV programms, because a decoder should be needed. I could wish to access to internet as well.
Possible with a camping-car but most difficult on a boat (sea mooving). As I know, cablecom keys (ECM) are stable in time.You just need a softcam.key updated to move & be able to watch TV by sat.
Some other providers change ECM each 6 sec then You need a permanent internet access to update those keys (at home/camping-car or boat).
You can release the difficulties...
Then it's possible to watch some channels without a pay-tv card but difficult.
You've got a card to insert on receiver!!! fantastic, buy a dreambox 500s & install it on camping-car or boat.

Can someone tell me how it is possible to "universally" access to TV, radio and internet through satellite. How do the worldwide sailors or cruise companies?
Yes a boat cruiser often offert internet access & music+TV as like Hostel but prefer a deep breath, see dolphin dance...
Which hardwares and decoding devices are then used?
The channels you can access depend with sat is pointing by the dish. If you're master of the dish, no trouble on a commercial boat just pray to dish point your sat

Thanks for your help

Hope ansking your answer & sorry my bad english