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Thread: import key to receiver?

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    import key to receiver?

    is there any way that i can import the key to my 9500 receiver?
    i had used the gbox but it wasnt for free and it need vpn connection i need some thing like download it the key on my computer and send it to receiver

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    Re: import key to receiver?


    OK... you want to create card-sharing !!!

    Already do

    Clic here & select your own receiver product

    I don't know your receiver capabilities but
    Search "sharing"string & read.
    I think you can use gbox or hadu on your PC & transfer keys to receiver with rs232 cable.

    Hope you'll find all you need & have a look to this thread, maybe a specialist can ask you more info.


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    Re: import key to receiver?

    thanks for reply man
    my receiver is samsung 9500 and i used gbox
    the problem with gbox is
    you need vpn
    and it gets the code from internet and some times its take time i mean less than 1 sec but its annoying when the picture freeze for about 1 sec to get new code

    i want to download all code on my pc and then transfers it to
    my receiver is there any way?

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