iPlayer upgrades Wii Channel

By Julian Clover
November 15, 2009 13.01 UK

The BBC is to launch a new version of the iPlayer on the Nintendo Wii. The new Wii Channel is expected to go live on November 18. It is designed to give a richer experience of the BBC TV and radio catch-up service and includes a new full screen user interface. Since its launch in April 2008 there have been 900,000 requests via the device.

“Our partnership with the BBC is another way in which Nintendo is looking to broaden the market for its products by offering compelling and relevant content to families,” said David Yarnton, general manager, Nintendo UK. “BBC iPlayer offers Wii owners another reason to turn their console on everyday and adds to the already established non gaming content on Wii that includes Wii Channels for news, weather forecasts and an internet browser.”

Wii users need first download the BBC iPlayer Wii Channel from the menu screen of Wii Shop Channel. After this a click on the BBC iPlayer icon takes them to the full screen service.