Enigma2 Team Ducktales Build rev1721 of 15/11/2009 Points Mod 4.5

E2 @ rev1721 Kathrein HD UFS910

Image is designed to be installed on a pendrive or hard sata

E2 changes compared to version 1575:

Added by TDT:

Pace & implement a function for the SWTS-based playback
+ Add missing proc file
+ Set as default evremote2
Tuner2 + cam and handling (trial version)
+ Separating individual driver code into the kernel modules
+ Splitted all the tuner and your controller
+ Libeplayer2 http streaming MP4
+ Player131 hopefully fix the problem of sound
+ Added runtime detection mp4
+ Vob/m2ts only sending pts on keyframes, this might lead to mutch smoother playback
+ Added the m2ts extension plugin mediaplayer
+ Default player switch 76 -> 131
+ Fixed mute on channel change
+ Fix error yellow button menu
& Tuxtxt exiting using the enable key txt
+ Reaenable page up and down key, also enable the menu key
+ Set Downmix on / off on the fly
+ Enhanced tuxtxt config
Video + some fixes
+ Updated patch network nits, this MIGHT have better nfs performance.
+ Slightly improved stability Polsat HD

Submitted by Points:

+ Reconfigure the default settings
+ Set the default skin blackGlass-HD
+ Added a tool for monitoring temperature of HDD
+ Added Infocenter Points (Menu-> Inforcmacja-> Inf a tuner)
+ New mountmanager v0.7.0 (dynamically detects the device to be fitted)
+ Replace the tuner restart restart the GUI after the upgrade list Ţناة
+ Patch for mounting cifs
+ Fix startup wizard
+ Updated list of channels
+ Updated media center
+ Updated media player
+ Update font -> v6
+ Updated Spiner
+ Update system files
+ Added plugin to change Spiner
+ Show days of the week according to the language selected in skinach
+ Added support for SWTS with MenuBP (disabled by default due to stability)

Points recommends that you disable AC3 in some cases for better stability

Polish Team Kathi

PKT mod 4.5 TDT rev1721