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Thread: true blood on hbo 1w

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    true blood on hbo 1w

    anyone got a schedule for hbo channels on 1w.I have been watching the true blood series on hbo but can't remember what time and channel its on(other than its on a hbo channel on 1w).

    thanks all

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    Re: true blood on hbo 1w

    I think its a great series, seems to have a common theme(what with vampire diaries & twilight) its also on hbo 13e just wish i had a weekly schedule of when its on.

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    Re: true blood on hbo 1w

    you may check the HBO 1w program guide on under section "Müsorfüzet".

    Or check if other channels on 1w are showing your favourite series:

    HBO: Hétfő (December 26.) 0:45 - Monday
    HBO 2: Szombat (December 24.) 0:55 Saturday
    Vasárnap (December 25.) 22:00 Sunday

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    Re: true blood on hbo 1w

    anyone can give me the biss key for hbo in palapa d?? (3960 h 30000) me..I really need it...

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    Re: true blood on hbo 1w

    i always watch True Blood online at

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