Nokia introduces new DVB-H mobile phone

By Robert Briel
November 16, 2009

With mobile TV on DVB-H networks only slowly progressing, one of the reasons cited its the lack of new mobile phones equipped with DVB-H tuners.

Nokia has announced the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition, an ‘entertainment hub’ that combines DVB-H, social networking, music and gaming in one 3G device. The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition will retail for 155 Euros before taxes and subsidies. The manufacturer claims battery life of up to six hours of DVB-H usage.

Franklin Selgert, Chairman, Broadcast Mobile Convergence Forum said in a statement, “It is essential for DVB-H service providers to have a variety of devices capable of serving the mass market. Having a complete portfolio of handsets is pivotal for the commercial success of mobile TV.”

Nokia vice president Mark Selby said in a statement, “The introduction of the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition responds to the arrival of DVB-H broadcast mobile TV networks in new markets and offers an affordable device for new and existing customers alike. Customers are increasingly watching a variety of programmes on their mobiles, such as drama programs, news and sport, for a longer period of time.”