CSA Provides R&D Funds to Space Companies

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will invest more than Cdn $8 million ($7.6 million) in 26 research and development contracts with Canadian companies, the government announced Nov. 12. The projects involve “timely development of priority technologies that are required for the implementation of specific potential future missions of interest to Canada.

The 26 contracts were awarded through the CSA's Space Technology Development Program, which issues periodic requests for proposals to identify and support the development and demonstration of strategic space technologies. Among the recipients were Advantech Satellite Networks, Com Dev International Ltd., EMS Satcom and MDA.

From a docking interface to 3D sensors and satellite technologies, these projects are coming from innovative and skilled Canadians at the leading edge of important developments in science and technology", Steve MacLean, president of the CSA, said in a statement.

The [Space Technology Development Program] program is a critical vehicle which leverages scientific and technological expertise while supporting the priorities of the Government of Canada.