Thanks to William 1 for guide.

This guide is for the England,Wales,& can be used as a guide for France,Netherlands,Belgium,& Germany as these Countries are at the center of most of the footprints in this guide,
Scotland,N Ireland,Irish Republic,Nordic Countries,& Eastern Europe will need a bigger dish size approx 30 to 40% larger to receive these satellites,

Please read this guide if you have a reception query this will give you a good idea of what it is possible to receive.

all data revised & updated 10/09/08
As the solar panel array / general wear & tear takes it's toll this list has been revised to take this into account,
Only Satellites with a Footprint in England & Wales included in this list,no inclined orbit satellites either see special listings for these.

Satellite .-.-.-.-.--.-.------------------.Dish size for :-south east England ------------.North & West England..
(Dish size's in the North & West will need to be 30 to 40% larger to achieve the same reception as the South East of England.)
This guide is based on an 0.6dB Lnb with all dish size's.
ABS-1 {LMI-1}--------------------- 75 east 120cm
Intelsat-4 --------------------------72 east 80cm
Eutelsat-W5 ------------------------70.5 east 100cm
Intelsat-7 & 10 ---------------------68.5 east 100cm
Intelsat-902 ------------------------62 east 80cm
NSS-7 ------------------------------57 east 80cm
Express AM-22 ----------------------53 east 80cm {120cm required for 12500 to 12750 beam}
Intelsat-12 -------------------------45 east 80 cm
Turksat 1C & 2A --------------------42 east 90cm--------.----------------100cm.reception only for west beam,
The UK is too far outside the intended service area of Turksat 42 east " East beam " no reception possible in the UK.
Express-AM-1 ----------------------40 east100cm
Hellasat-2 --------------------------39 ----- 60cm-----.------------------80cm.this is for Europe beam only,
No reception possible from Aegean sea beam "Greece & Turkey" of Hellasat-2 @ 39 east,
Eutelsat Sesat ----------------------36 -----100cm reception only for European beam,No reception possible in the UK from Eutelsat W4 beam to Russia,
Eurobird-3 --------------------------33 ----100cm It is Not possible to receive services from Eastern Europe beams in UK,
Astra-5A ----------------------------31.5 east -----80cm dish
Astra---2A- B- C & Eurobird-1------28.2 / 28.5-----45cm-----.--------------------60cm.
Astra 2D------------------------------28.2----45cm-------------------------------60cm--------------It is not possible to receive reliable reception from Astra 2D outside the intended service area,
Badr-3 & 4 ---------------------------26 -----100cm to 120cm---------North>> 120 to 180cm no guarantee of MBC in the North or the new BSS footprint on Badr-6,
Astra-1E & 3A*---------------------23.5 -----90cm --------------------------120 *further West even bigger dish required
Eutelsat-W-6 -----------------------21.6 ----120 to 150cm
Astra-1--F-G-H-KR-1L-------------19.2 ------50cm -------.------------------60cm.
Eutelsat-W-2 ----------------------16 ------100cm
Hotbird--6--7A & 8 ---------------13---------50cm---------.-------------------60cm.
Eutelsat-W1 ----------------------10 -------100 to 120cm
Eurobird-9 ----------------------- --9 --------80cm
Eutelsat-W3A ---------------------7 ---------80cm
Sirius-4---------------------------4.8 east ---120cm no reliable reception from Nordic beam outside intended service area.
Sirius-4---------------------------4.8 --------80cm European beam,
Astra-1C -------------------------4.6--------70cm {no longer in service}
Eurobird-4 ------------------------4 ---------80cm
Thor-5 --------------------0.8 west --80cm
Thor-3 --------------------0.8 -------120cm no reliable service from Nordic beam outside intended service area,
Intelsat-10-02 ------------1 west ---80cm
Amos-2 & 3----------------4 west ---100cm no reliable service in UK as we are not inside the intended service area,
AtlanticBird-3 -------------5 west ----60cm ----.-------------------70cm.
Nilesat-101 & 102 ------------------7 ---------120 to 150cm {for vertical transponder's} for Horizontal Tp's 240cm + but no reliable reception possible in the UK as we are well outside the service area for this satellite,best reception is on the South coast of the UK, North of Birmingham reception drops off considerably due to the curvature of the earth,
AtlanticBird-4 ----------------------7 west No reception possible in the UK,
AtlanticBird-2 ---------------------8 ---------60cm-------.------------------------------80cm.
Express A-3 ----------------------11--------(100cm in southern uk for ATV & RTRS)----150cm to 240cm in the north,No reliable service in the UK,
AtlanticBird-1 ----------------------12.5 ------80cm
Telstar-12 -------------------------15 --------80cm {some transponder's now require 120cm dish}
Intelsat-901 ------------------------18 --------80cm
NSS-7 ------------------------------22 -------100cm
Intelsat-905 -----------------------24.5 ------80cm
Intelsat-907 -----------------------27.5 ------80cm
Hispasat 1C & 1D -------------------30 -------80cm to 100cm
Intelsat 801 -----------------------31.5 -----100cm
Intelsat-903 -----------------------34.5 ------80cm
Intelsat-3R ------------------------43.1 ------80cm
Intelsat-1R-------------------------45.1 ------80cm
Intelsat-9 ---------------------------58 -------90cm {some transponder's now require 100cm dish}

Satellites at 16 east & 10 east will have new satellites launched to these locations within the next 5 months this will improve reception of these satellite positions that have proved difficult due to power reductions on these satellites,
This is only a guide not all transponder's will be received if you are outside the intended coverage of a satellite.