Ondas Media wins Jazz FM: plans emerge

Monday, 16 November 2009

Ondas Media, the would-be European pay-radio service, has signed up the UK’s Jazz FM to its planned service. Ondas Media’s strategic plans are also firming up.

These next few days will also see Ondas Media, complete with some of its key automobile, broadcast and technology partners, participate in financial road shows in Munich and Paris. “I am stunned at the level of support, and interest being shown,” said Dave Krueger, CEO at Ondas Media.

That enthusiasm extends to Ondas’ car manufacturing partners who are stressing to investors their views of the importance of the Ondas plan. “It’s a common message and that it is time to get started,” said Krueger.

The Jazz FM deal includes a cooperation agreement where Jazz FM and Ondas will create additional specialist radio channels, “as well as working together in relation to sample radio programming content for Ondas’ test and demonstration projects in Munich and Paris in 2010.” Krueger, speaking exclusively to Rapid TV News, said the fact that Jazz FM’s signals already go out on DAB frequencies in the UK helps.

Krueger said Jazz FM’s content will be added to other programming that is already testing through the internet, and ready for more widespread testing in other certain markets, and this activity is firmly scheduled for expansion in 2010. While Ondas is still targeting 2012 for a full service launch, Krueger said that some of its auto partners will be installing test radios in cars next year, and picking up signals from satellite as well as terrestrial repeaters.