Axon powers 3D OB

Monday, 16 November 2009

Belgium's Outside Broadcast has transmitted its first 3D event, the Memorial Van Damme, an athletics event held in Brussels, with the help of Axon's Synapse modules.

The workflow saw the 3D camera-captured signals fed into a mixer, and the right and left eye processed in parallel. For a 3D ready transmission, these two left eye and right eye sources need to be combined into one SDI (HD) video stream. This was done by squeezing both pictures to an anamorphic half horizontal size and displaying them in a side by side mode compatible with MPEG transmissions. The Axon HXH150 module performed this task together with the required synchronisation of the two streams.

Peter Schut, Axon's CTO commented: "This is the third 3D demo in which our modules have been used. This shows us that we are indeed developing futureproof products. We are very pleased that Outside Broadcast came to us for help for this unique demo."

"The Axon Synapse modules have a proven track record in HD," said Ronald Meyvisch, operations manager at Outside Broadcast. "For that reason we turned to them when we required help with our demo. The modules more then met expectations."

The modules were supplied to Outside Broadcast through Axon's Belgian distributor Diginet BV/SA. The HXH150 is also available with an integrated audio shuffler (HXH160) and in a 3Gbps-version (GXG150 and GXG160)