Spain: Few pay-DTT boxes sold
Iñaki Ferreras
Monday, 16 November 2009 20:06

Spain's pay-DTT platform has been available since August but the government’s rush to approve the law allowing this new market has been too quick for most manufacturers. They have been unable to have pay-DTT decoders available for the public in large volumes.

The speedy launch, plus the fact there is still only one pay-DTT channel - Mediapro's Gol TV – has impacted on this new market. In September only 1,473 pay-DTT decoders were sold in Spain, according to latest figures from Impulsa TDT, the association for the implementation and development of the new television.

DTT penetration overall reached 72.1% by the end of October and 77.4% of buildings are now adapted to the new television. Taking account of the different regions and their penetration, the Canary islands are once again first on the list reaching 82.7% followed by Catalonia with 78.3% and Aragón with 78.9%.

Regarding new DTT equipment sold in September the study also underlines 696,000 new decoders were sold in total that month making a total of 22.5 million DTT decoders sold.

But the negative point is that only five months ahead of the national switch over on April 3, 2010 there are still 282,500 buildings to be digitally adapted.

Mediapro's laSexta is the most watched channel on DTT followed by Sogecable's Cuatro.