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Thread: AsiaSat 2 as Amos 5i goes on 17E

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    Arrow AsiaSat 2 as Amos 5i goes on 17E

    AsiaSat 2 as Amos 5i goes on 17E

    One will be from January 2010 to work on the new orbital position 17 degrees east.
    Then the new location, which was assigned to the Israeli satellite operator Spacecom. AsiaSat 2 will be the new position working under the name Amos 5i.

    Amos 5i will have the capacity in C band and Ku band. C band transponders will cover virtually the entire African continent. The signal from this satellite will be in the main zone (middle of Africa) to achieve the EIRP of about 40 dBW.

    In the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic on the value of EIRP will be about 32 dBW, which means that income in the C zone will be required for our parabola with a diameter of about 2.5 to 3 meters.

    Satellite Amos 5i will use the capacity in Ku band, which will have two volumes - Middle East + North Africa and North Africa Vol. In the main zone will EIRP values of 48, respectively. 52 dBW. 52 dBW.

    Amos 5i will be used for various telecommunications services, including DTH and VSAT.

    In 2010, the new satellite will be delivered Amos 5 is then in position 17 ° E will replace Amos 5i.

    With the beginning of Amos 5 are substantially improved coverage - transponders in C band are in Central Europe to achieve a 36 dBW EIPR (reception in the CR / SR with parabolic from the average 1.5 to 2 meters!) And three volumes in the Ku-band values around 33 to 35 dBW (required parabola diameter from 2.5 to 4 meters).

    Given the proximity of other telecommunications satellites Eutelsat W2 and Eurobird 16A and Astra (19.2 ° E) may be frequency collision

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    Arrow About the AMOS-5i Satellite

    About the AMOS-5i Satellite

    Starting its operational services in January 2010, AMOS-5i will provide powerful Pan-African C-band and regional Ku-band coverage from Spacecom’s new orbital location at 17°E.

    AMOS-5i will be replaced by AMOS-5, scheduled for launch in early 2011, commencing operational services by mid 2011 at 17°E. The AMOS-5i and AMOS-5 satellites will enhance the AMOS satellite fleet coverage over the Middle East and Europe, while adding the emerging African markets to our service portfolio.

    Once in orbit, AMOS-5i will offer a pan-African C-band beam and two regional Ku-band beams. With multiple C-band and powerful Ku-band transponders, AMOS-5i will enable Spacecom to offer a variety of satcom services, including:

    * VSAT Communications and Broadband Internet
    * Rural Telephony
    * Data Trunking
    * Cellular Backhaul
    * Direct-To-Home (DTH) TV Broadcasting
    * Video Distribution

    With a new orbital slot, additional capacity and expanded coverage areas, the AMOS-5 satellite and its predecessor, AMOS-5i, will place Spacecom at the forefront of satellite operators delivering comprehensive global satellite solutions.

    Together with the AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 satellites co-located at Spacecom’s 4°W orbital "Hot-Spot", the AMOS-6 satellite scheduled to launch to 4°W in 2012, and the AMOS-4 satellite scheduled for launch in 2012 to serve Asia, we are extending broadcast and broadband reach into the rural regions of the world.

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