Turnaround begins for ONO

By Julian Clover
November 17, 2009 18.52 UK

September was the first month of positive additions for ONO since July 2008, but the Spanish cablenet still faced a third quarter reduction in residential customers of 0.7%.

The loss of 16,000 customers was brought about by the combination of seasonal factors and a new userís rights directive that forces operators to disconnect customers within two days of their request, rather than the 15-day period under the previous directive. 5,000 customers were lost as a consequence of the new directive, taking the total at September 30, 2009 to 1,888,000. Gross churn was also hit, rising by 2.4pp to 19.4%.

ONO can claim over 100,000 customers of Mediaproís newly launched pay-TV football channel Gol TV. The agreement with Mediapro also includes the rights to retramsmit pay-per-view matches, a much needed feature as buyrates have fallen since the reorganisation of Spanish football rights earlier this year.

Triple Play services were taken by 35% of the subscriber base on Q3 2008, compared to 34% in Q3 2008. A cross sale campaign resulted in the number of RGUs taken per customer rising from 2.11 in September 2008 to 2.16 in 2009.