When start the channel CANAL + Sport 2 HD?

* 2009-11-17 16:29:06 / Janusz Sulisz
* Last update: 2009-11-17 16:59:40
* Source: C + / Inf Invented

Published a new channel logos CANAL +, CANAL + Film, CANAL + Film HD CANAL + Sport, Canal + Sport HD, Canal + Sport 2 CANAL + Film, Canal + Film HD. Visual identification of a new station was introduced November 17 this year. Also presented the logo CANAL + Sport HD 2, which caused some confusion, given that such a channel does not exist.

There were speculations that the CANAL + Sport 2 HD will appear soon on the Polish market.

So we turned to the question in this case to Dorothy Zawadzka, Director of Communications
CANAL + Cyfrowy, which replied to us that the logo has been prepared for the future. Thus, it is not known whether the start date of the channel CANAL + Sport 2 HD.