AstonCrypt modules with the possibility to upgrade to 2.23

* 2009-11-17 15:59:32 / Jacek Grzeszczak
* Last update: 2009-11-17 16:43:40
* Source: Inf

Holders of the modules AstonCrypt finally lived to see the possibility of software updates. Aston France made available to distributors selected version 2.23. It can change anyone who has AstonCrypt version 2.x (you can tell the distinctive green diodzie located at the front). Yet it was not possible to load the version higher than 2.18, although the models offered in the sale of 2.20, then 2.22, and most recently was 2.23.

Unfortunately, the information received by editors - like the last is not possible to upgrade the satellite modules. Aston France for the event is no longer available new versions in this way, because the cost of this service are too high.

V.2.23 download the new version can only sites, with appropriate equipment and proper, authorized version of the software. One-time cost of renovation is about 50 zł.