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Thread: IpBox 910HD broken?

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    Unhappy IpBox 910HD broken?

    My IpBox 910HD has started rebooting itself like about once every fifteen minutes, sometimes longer between reboots, sometimes shorter period.

    I have tried many different images (now using NLB 10513), dis-attaching the HD, changed place (from on top of a warm stereo to a cooler place of it's own) but still it keeps rebooting no matter what. Sometimes it starts to reboot, but flashes "Panic" and reboots again, eventually starting.

    -What do you think? Time to send it for warranty-service?

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    Re: IpBox 910HD broken?


    If you're box is under warranty, replace u'r current image by the original one and send it to warranty-service.

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    Wink Re: IpBox 910HD broken?

    j "have the same version as you ip box 910 hd javais the bug as important as you j" trrouver successful and have a great image that works very well without it bug you need the swf-vizyon-8xx-e2-beta voila bon courage to try and keep your us know

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