Cyfrowy Polsat began testing broadband Internet access

* Rafal Tomasiak
* source: Cyfrowy Polsat

Cyfrowy Polsat began testing broadband Internet access. Service will be launched in the first quarter of next year, while an integrated package of services - television, telephony and Internet in the second quarter of 2010. Internet from Cyfrowy Polsat will be a wireless service, provided by UMTS standard networks: Sferia (850 MHz) and Aero 2 (900 MHz).

The service uses the latest technology HSPA+ which allows to download data with speed up to 21 Mb/s and send data with 5,76 Mb/s. Customers of this service will be able to fully benefit from the resources of the Internet - send large files, listen to the radio and even download video clips.

Later this year the new service will reach approximately 40% of Cyfrowy Polsat customers. Very soon Cyfrowy Polsat offer will include the full range of integrated multimedia services: television, telephony and high speed Internet.