BT promotes lifestyle Broadband

The broadband and telecoms provider BT will be changing the way that it promotes broadband services in the future.

This new approach will introduce a lifestyle aspect, which should mean that instead of the normal way of providing information on the benefits of using BT Broadband services, the ISP will show how its services can enrich peopleís lives.

According to the head of BTís online acquisition section, Sam Calvert, this is part of the companyís long term plans to provide the sort of information that new and existing customers can understand and which will allow them to easily get help from the firm.

BT is on a roll at the moment, as recent figures showed that the company managed to attract 72,000 new customers during the second quarter of the year.

It is hard to know the reasons for this, but BT must be doing something right in order to attract so many new customers.