North west Wales goes digital

The final stage of digital TV switchover in north west Wales has been completed today, extending Freeview coverage to all households served by the Llanddona transmitter group.

All terrestrial TV signals were turned off shortly after midnight on 18 November. Analogue services will remain switched off permanently, allowing new Freeview channels to be broadcast from 22 local relay transmitters serving areas such as Arfon and Conway for the first time.

Digital UK is advising viewers in the region to retune their Freeview, BT Vision and Top Up TV equipment in order to receive all the channels available.

Switching off the analogue signal makes it possible to extend the level of Freeview coverage to reach 98% of households in Wales, according to Digital UK.

Viewers receiving their signal from relay transmitters will see the number of TV channels available free via an aerial increase from four to around 15.

Digital TVs or analogue sets converted with a digital box will be able to receive BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1, S4C, Channel 4 and Five—plus additional digital channels, digital text and radio services.