Imagenio will be renamed Movistar TV

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Imagenio will soon be history, Movistar TV will be the new commitment of the Telefonica brand in one of its facets.

In reality there will be a transition that will culminate at Movistar and drag the brand Imagenio step.
It is a transitional stage where even logos change. El color The predominant color is the same blue, but it has already submitted a first green logo.

IPTV in Spain is changed from "costume", Movistar finally offer the entire service offer of the brand, where you will enter the pay-TV which will be renamed Movistar TV and the Internet which will be renamed Movistar Banda Ancha, culminating all, finally at Movistar.

Recall that this transition began long ago in several South American countries like Chile and Colombia, where television platforms Telefonica and Movistar are named.